Annet Shares:
"Helping others to build learning experiences, services and products that play a meaningful role in people’s lives."


hi there!

I’m Annet, an independent service and learning designer focusing on group, product and innovation development.

I do this by using creative collaboration tools and co-creating in close connection with experts to find a customer-centric solution in an extremely short amount of time.

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the full story

I'm a goal-oriented designer and facilitator that specialises in co-creation. I solve problems by asking 'Why?' a lot and executing fast by collaborating with trusted partners.

Annet Shares is the result of various experiences at companies such as BNTI, Hyper Island, M&C Saatchi and VBAT. Here I experienced the importance of a design sprint and how to create a strong team culture.

we can work together on:

Team Culture
Group Development
Design Sprints
Product Development
Workshop facilitation
Digital Marketing
Brand strategy and identity
Content creation
Pitch work or projects
Innovation development
Ideas or concept development
Art direction
Creative strategy
Customer Journey mapping
Visual Design


lastest blog article

Learning through Newsletters

When looking to a normal way of learning something, most of us would look towards books around a specific topic or enrolling into courses at a University of some sorts. Or, when you’re being really modern, you could sign up for a MOOC or pay for a course that suits your needs.

But hey, nobody likes normal, right?

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