brief  /  Create an identity family that shows the quality of the platform 'Ambitieuze Meisjes' and implement this identity in a range of communication services, such as a online magazine, website, newsletter, email signature and brand guidelines.

created at  /  Annet Shares

client  /  A
mbitieuze Meisjes

role  /  Strategy, Design, Development

The identity and implementation of 'Ambitieuze Meisjes' is the result of the growth the brand has gone through in the past 5 years. With locations on more than 15 places, it has become the female network that founder Lotte Rensen envisioned all those years ago.


"Annet has proven to be a valuable asset to our initiative from the moment that she has joined our team two months ago. We challenged her to work with us on our rebranding strategy under the pressure of a very tight deadline. Working many hours on the project with us Annet has shown her impressive 'can do' attitude.

Her eye for detail, knowledge of design and her ability to think outside the box on ways to represent our brand to its full extent could not have come at a better time. I am very thankful for her efforts, Annet has surpassed every expectation and I think everyone who is ready to take their brand to the next level should contact her for sure!"

Lotte Rensen
Founder Ambitieuze


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During the development of the identity, Lotte told me they've had a new logo for every year in the past 5 years. In this iteration, we've mostly looked into a logo system for the different branches of Ambitieuze Meisjes, such as; the Agency, Academy, Magazine and Community.