CommonWealth Bank Australia: CanBand

Type of work: Concept Development, Design, Research

Challenge: Sometimes true innovation happens through taking a close look to daily habits.

CommBank wants to maintain a leadership position within the banking sector. To maintain this, you have to look where technology develops fast. Looking into the demographics of where Australians live, it’s interesting to see that: “Australia is one of the most urbanised nations in the world, with an oft-quoted figure of 85% of the population living within 50km of the coast of our very large continent, with vast empty areas in the middle.” (source).

“The warm Australian climate is typically conducive to an outdoor lifestyle, meaning many Australians will spend large amounts of time either at the beach or in parks or participating in sport.” (source)

Ambition: How might we create an innovative product that connects to the Australian highly-active outdoor lifestyle?

Outcome: A PayPass enabled wristband that works in any situation where carrying money is an inconvenience. With a swipe of the hand, you can pay quickly, wearing your wallet in the palm of your hand.

Through the existing CommonWealth Bank app on your smartphone, you can easily top-up your wristband or close down the account. With an extra bonus of the wristband not working anymore when the ends aren’t connected to each other (in case of theft).