Kickstarting your career

Type of work: Learning designer, producer, workshop facilitation, strategy

Challenge: The Digital Innovation program, a collaboration between Hyper Island, B. Start-up School Amsterdam (BSSA), the Economic Board of Amsterdam and Manpower Group, is an intense digital innovation course for Dutch recent graduates who aspire to refine their knowledge in service design techniques, learning more about the possibilities in prototyping and digital trends.

When taking over this project in November 2016, there were some challenges visible:

The government was subsidizing this program, and therefore we were obliged to place the students into traineeships to receive a fee per students. This way the education was for free for the students. Companies had a hard time understanding what the course was about. At that moment it was called ‘Experience Design’

The curriculum at the time was 4 weeks long and consisted of the highly successful ‘Way Week’, two weeks of ‘Design Thinking’, followed by a week of Business Strategy. The course was intense to produce and had bi-weekly follow-up sessions that overlapped newly starting courses


Ambition: Building a solid foundation of students and partners for Hyper Island to create an official hub in Amsterdam.

Outcome: In a year time we have successfully educated over 150+ students in our newly designed ‘Digital Innovation’ course. This course consists of the modules Way Week, Design Thinking and our newest additions Exploring Technology and Marketing Yourself.

We have researched several new business models regarding more sustainable models to build the program on with over a 100 partners that are highly excited about the program.

In an extent of that, we have created new business opportunities and tailored masterclasses with the Chamber of Commerce to educate over 22 project leaders in becoming self-steering innovators and entrepreneurial thinkers.