Hållning: Sitting down is killing us (M&C Saatchi Traineeship application)

Type of work: Concept Development, Design, Video, Writing

Challenge: Create a service, product or campaign from the agency’s slogan: Brutal Simplicity of Thought. An extremely difficult problem with a brutally simple solution.

Our problem: today people are sitting down more than ever. This is partly because of the increasing amount of sedentary work environments. It is said that sitting is the smoking of our generation.

When we looked into the subject of sitting down we’ve found some devastating facts that really scared us. When we sit down the production of the enzyme which activates fat burn decreases to more than 90%, which leads to obesity. Our blood pressure increases which leads to heart failure.

The average person sits down for 9,3 hours every day, for laptop users, these numbers are often even higher. This is a complex problem, because how does one change the behaviour of sitting down in a world of laptop dwellers surrounded by chairs.

Ambition: Use an existing product that doesn’t create extra motivation to use while working anywhere.

Outcome: Hållning (Swedish for posture) is a laptop sleeve activated by BLE technology that is used as a seat cushion.

It sends notifications to your BlueTooth connected smart device, reminding you to stand up after every 30 minutes of sitting down and giving you tips on what stretch exercises are needed.