Jong Ondernemen presents: Junior Company the Series

Type of work: Learning designer, creative director, video director, scriptwriter, producer

Challenge: Jong Ondernemen offers entrepreneurial programs to the entire youth educational system, from elementary school up to master programs. But what if these programs aren't engaging enough to the participants?

Ambition: Produce energetic videos that engage the target audience of Junior Company (ages 14-18) and make them enthusiastic to start with the rest of the lesson material.

Outcome: Over the course of 6 weeks, we were able to produce 15 videos that match with the improved lesson plan of Junior Company.

First off, we went through the existing materials to see how we could amplify the 'learning by doing' material and cut back on exercises. We implemented a digital e-portfolio for teachers to easily grade the students and collect all materials such as financial overviews and Business Model Canvases. 

We sourced two actresses to be the main characters for the videos and together with an experienced camera crew, we were able to write scripts that followed the lessons, step-by-step. We chose to let the actresses 'experience Junior Company on camera'. In 15 videos they were going to introduce each lesson by explaining the core of the subject and retrieving tips from experienced entrepreneurs.

Watch the result in the following playlist: