#TheUSofPee: Creating awareness for urinary incontinence

Type of work: Concept development, HTML/CSS, design and writing

Challenge: Did you know urinary incontinence affects 200 million people worldwide? It’s a widespread problem, but why can’t we talk more openly about it then?

This project is highly personal to me. During the treatment of my stress- and urge incontinence problems, I decided to put my frustrations to good use and create more awareness around ‘UI’.

Ambition: Remove the taboos that cloud the term incontinence. Making sure people know this is a widespread problem that is often not talked about and not only elderly people suffering from it.

Outcome: With the launch of the platform theusofpee.com in combination with a personal article, I aim to show the visitor that all of us start our lifetime being incontinent. Removing taboos and creating a supportive culture to share your personal stories.

So far, I’ve been in touch with people all across the globe with similar problems and created a support system for myself to share more of my story.

Visit http://theusofpee.com for more information.

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