VBAT: The Wise & The Curious

Type of work: Concept development, video production, workshop facilitation, design and writing

Challenge: VBAT has founded the concept ‘Meet Market’ since 2015, a tour all across the Netherlands to connect new talent (the curious) with the agency (the wise). ‘Meet Market’ already had a playful identity from previous years of running this, but now received a make-over to connect better to the theme of this year; ‘The Wise & The Curious’. 

Ambition: Spreading more knowledge and connect new talent to the agencies via art academies and conferences all across Europe.

Outcome: Several events and products were created to fit with the theme:

  • An ongoing video series of themes that students are developing in.
  • A playful identity that reflected The Wise & The Curious, for example; Miley Cyrus vs Dolly Parton, characters from Adventure Time, characters from Star Wars, etc.
  • Looking into the future of design with high-profile creators such as Stefan Sagmeister through a crowdsourced Q&A.
  • Interactive workshops around topics that represent the future of design, such as ‘How will we buy milk in 2050?’, creating a design challenge for the John Smith’s brewery and art academy lecture around ‘The Age of the Supermarket Interface’. Read more in this article