Webshop at School

Type of work: Learning designer, creative director, video director, scriptwriter, producer, project manager

Challenge: How do we, Jong Ondernemen and FutureNL, make sure that the youngest generation currently in high school can understand the history of digital entrepreneurship and learns how to take their first steps into this field?

Ambition: Develop material for 'vmbo' high school level that is made by teachers for teachers with only a short time needed for preparation before class.

Outcome: Webshop at School is a ready-made curriculum packed with videos, workbooks, slides and a nice web shop tool. The lessons are aimed at first and second-year VMBO students, but of course anyone who wants to learn more about designing a webshop can get started.

What exactly is e-commerce? How do you design a corporate identity? Which products are suitable for online sales? And how do you reach potential customers?

These are some questions that VMBO students get started with. Webshop at School consists of 10 interactive lessons of 30 minutes each, focusing on entrepreneurial and digital skills. The students go to work as a true entrepreneur and receive tips from professionals from Coolblue, VBAT, Thuisbezorgd.nl and Picnic, among others.

Watch the result of the videos in the following playlist: